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The Bay Area is notoriously bad for traffic congestion in many regards, including major highways, local streets, and public transportation. The infrastructure could not support the rapid expansion of its population.

 Transit Cabin      

While this is a deeply multi-faceted issue to address, our SJSU Industrial Design class formed teams so conceptualize and model a full-scale Cabin for a theoretical autonomous transit network that would operate above ground-level. 

Wix transit cabin sketch layout.jpg
pod context render 1.3.jpg
pod_bottom perspective.png
pod_front perspective.png
pod_back perspective.png

 Ambient Light

A continuous light strip wraps the perimeter of the interior's ceiling to provide a subtle, feathered glow. 


360-degree view of the city landscape through tinted glass windows for privacy and sun protection

 Low-Profile Doors

Double sliding doors offer maximum clearance for entry and exit while remaining minimally obtrusive on the outside. 

pod car final image 1_edited.jpg
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