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This is an amputee boy in Colombia who lost his leg, perhaps from an abandoned land mine, a traffic accident, or an infectious snake bite. Colombia ranks second in the world as the highest population of  children who have an amputated limb. 

San Jose State University's senior Industrial Design class collaborates every year with Mahavir-Kmina, a local organization in Colombia, to develop a prostheses for these children. It is a collaborative team effort with each class building upon the previous years' work.





What are our
core values?


Does it do what the user needs it to do, effectively and reliably? 


Can the supplier manufacture it? Can the user purchase, maintain, or modify it?


Will the user be happy and proud to own it? Is it cool?

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 Fairing       $3 USD

Simple tension clips allow for simple installation of a protective fairing, available for personalized CMF and pattern engraving. 

 Foot       $6 USD

Durable yet flexible polycarbonate laminated food provides natural impact absorption and energy return. 

 Knee      $30 USD

3D printed PET plastic knee 

takes an evolutionary step in functional capabilities at an affordable price. Included features are resistance cables, rotation cuff, tilt adjustment, and back-up peg leg configuration. 

 Pylon       $5 USD

Threaded pylon design allows for precice incremental heigh adjustments. 

Socket      $11 USD

Velcro straps adjust around a comfortable EVA foam-lined

styrene socket. 

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