Jewel for JUUL       

This was a commissioned project for my client to proactively design and prototype accessory pieces for the JUUL brand e-cigarette. The intent of this project is solely to showcase physical prototyping, but in no way am I personally affiliated with or support the brand and its associated ties.

 3D Print Shells

A structural shell allows for the required tight tolerance for the e-cig to slide effortlessly in and out, while providing

a surface for an external skin to be applied

via heat and pressure.

 2D Patterns

When precise dimensions are required to skin the shell, a pattern can first be drawn out on Illustrator, then laser cut. 


Leather Prep

  1. Split leather to desired thickness

  2. Rotary cut  the leather 

  3. Soak leather in water, then roll out excess in towel



  1. While damp, press the leather between 3D printed mold with clamps

  2. Leave alone for at least 2 hours before removing 

  3. Let the formed leather air dry



  1. Apply leather glue between layers

  2. Final press the 2 sides between molds and a buck

  3. Clamp the mold again and let set at least 12 hours



  1. Remove piece from mold, and place on cutting jig

  2. Trim the excess leather flange using X-acto knife



  1. Add accent stitching, edge paint, or laser engravings