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Finger  Paw

The Brief

The challenge brought forth by this project was unique.

It didn't trial in questions of electronic components, complex molds, or unconventional mechanisms. It was rather based in a more social, cultural, and emotional realm of provocation.

Through the design process the project matured in depth and breadth, beyond the client's original scope of the problem. 

An opportunity was uncovered for a trivial personal issue to expand and resonate with a larger social audience. 

A client had expressed their slightly "germophobic" tendencies and aversion of dirty touchscreens. They hated visible smudges and fingerprints, and was disgusted by public kiosk screens. 

So, they wanted a finger glove. 

Touchy About Cleanliness

Design Strategy Map



The product needs to perform specifically to prevent the spreading of germs via touchscreens. It also serves a purpose

to keep personal devices clean without greasy smudges and fingerprints.


The product needs to fulfill an inherent requirement to look good for the user, particularly because it is worn on their body. As it crosses into the territory of fashion accessories, it should serve as

a form of self - expression.

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